The Benefits of a Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Bamboo weighted blankets are breathable, lightweight, and heat-regulating, providing a luxurious blanket feel for long-lasting comfort. They’re the perfect lightweight blanket for lazy sleepers, providing the snug, hug-like sensation of deep tissue massage while keeping cool and dry on the skin. (Yep, even in the warmer months!) Because they’re made of such delicate fibres, Bamboo blankets are great for those who suffer from allergies because dust mites cannot cling to fibres as easily. Another advantage is that Bamboo blankets are eco-friendly, making them an excellent buy for those concerned about going green.

Bamboo Weighted Blanket is a luxurious fabric that is extremely soft and comfortable. It is one of the lightest and most comfortable fabrics available, making it ideal for use in any room of the home. The unique woven structure of bamboo hollows consists of tiny, strong, tightly packed strands of rice that are twisted together to form tight yarns. These yarns make Bamboo bedding very versatile, resisting both tearing and stretching. It renders the Bamboo blanket free from fraying or wearing out quickly, a factor that makes Bamboo blankets especially great for children who love to tangle themselves in their blanket.

Bamboo CalmingBlankets is especially suited to those who have physical conditions which affect their sleeping habits. Because the fibres are so tightly packed, Bamboo blankets are extremely comfortable and provide a very restful, soothing sleep. Unlike cotton, bamboo fabrics are not highly absorbent, allowing even a small amount of body heat to be held against the Bamboo blanket. It means you get to enjoy your Bamboo bedding all night, without the discomfort of having to shiver and without the chance of suffocating if you happen to roll onto your stomach during sleep.

Because Bamboo fabric is cool to the touch and cool to the eye, it provides a cool, refreshing feeling on warm summer days. When the sun begins to heat your house during the hot afternoons, your bamboo weighted blanket will help keep you cool. A light breeze will always be fresh and refreshing, leaving you with a cool sensation that will relieve stress and allow you to sleep comfortably at night. You can throw Bamboo blankets around your room and use them during those cool afternoons to unwind and relax.

Many Bamboo CalmingBlankets feature comfortable weights that are easy to launder. There is no need to hand wash these blankets since they are made from premium quality beads. Each Bamboo blanket is individually hand-washed in a washing machine before being dried flat in a towel. Because of the sturdy construction of Bamboo fibre, most Bamboo sleep products can stand up to frequent washings. It includes your Bamboo Weighted Blanket, which will last for years of use.

When selecting your Bamboo Weighted Blanket, be sure to check the sizing chart that comes with it. The size of a blanket will vary based on the weight of the Bamboo fibre used, so you must get the correct measurement before ordering. Most Bamboo sleep products are sold as a one-size-fits-all, so if you are unsure what sizing method you should choose for your blanket, you should contact the manufacturer. They will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Because Bamboo fibre is hypoallergenic and extremely soft, these blankets are great for people who suffer from many different types of allergies. Many Bamboo sleep products come with hypoallergenic labels attached, making them safe for those with extremely sensitive skin. Because the Bamboo fibre doesn’t add any extra weight, the blankets feel great on your body, which helps to make them ideal for those who may struggle with certain sleeping postures.