Choosing Baling Twine

Baling twine is a small diameter twine made of sisal or synthetic fibres and is used for bundling fibrous materials. Its tensile strength ranges from 95 to 325 psi. It is durable yet lightweight and can be cut easily. Here are some tips for choosing baling twine. And remember: don’t forget the price! You can purchase twine at your local hardware store.

Sisal twine

baling twineSICOR produces binder and baler twine made from extra long sisal fibres. These baling twine are knot-free and suitable for all conventional balers. They are made from sisal fibres and are biodegradable. These twines can be used on hay bales. In addition to these features, sisal twines are also solar-degradable, making them an environmentally friendly material.

Biodegradable sisal twine is an excellent option for farmers because it helps reduce waste and promotes sustainable agriculture practices. It is made from plant fibres and has a tensile strength of approximately 90 pounds per inch. Sisal twine is manufactured in the USA, including in Idaho, and is used extensively in North American baling. Unfortunately, plastic and net wrap tend to litter feedlots and barns for years. On the other hand, Sisal twine won’t rot and will remain in excellent condition for years to come.

Another option for baling is solar-degradable twine. Solar-degradable twine is similar to sisal but has a longer storage life. Both twine types are biodegradable and can be used in the same way. Sisal twine for baling has been used for decades to wrap hay bales. Using this type of twine will save you a considerable amount of time while wrapping a bale.

Net wrap

While the plastic wrap is the standard method for packaging a bale of high moisture, Vermeer recommends wrapping a bale in the net before covering it with plastic wrap. It will reduce the risk of holes in the film and prevent the hay from absorbing moisture. Moreover, the plastic film tends to degrade more easily if it is made of sisal twine, treated with a rodenticide.

Twine-wrapped bales may work but are more vulnerable to water damage if stored on a sheltered, well-drained surface. While twine-wrapped bales are less likely to sustain water damage, those wrapped with netwrap will fare better regardless of storage conditions. However, don’t forget to consider time, hay losses, and fuel when comparing twine-wrapped bales to net-wrapped bales.


When choosing a baling twine for your farm, consider the components of the baler. Polypropylene is the primary raw material, which guarantees a high level of strength. For farm-related uses, black-label twine is ideal. Unlike other types of twine, black-label twine is recyclable. Depending on your intended use, baling twine may be more or less durable, but you can choose a twine that is both strong and resistant to weather and other elements.

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, a baling twine is an excellent option for many farmers. This twine does not contribute to landfill waste and does not clog sewers. Furthermore, baling twine is an excellent investment that will last for years. Its durability will help you avoid downtime caused by broken twines. And the great thing about biodegradable twine is that it does not contribute to landfill waste.


If you’re in the process of preparing for a new baling season, you may be wondering about the cost of baling twine. There are several types of twine, and they all have their place in agriculture. Choose the type that is best for the type of bales you plan to make and the type of machinery you have available. Each type of twine is ideal for specific purposes, and the type you choose should match the machinery you use to make the bales.

The shape of your bales is also a consideration when determining the type of twine you need. Round bales typically have less compression than square bales, so small square twine will work best. However, if you’re producing big square bales, you’ll need stronger twine with higher density. You can also opt to use high-density twine for baling straw.

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