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Choosing Security Screen Doors

There are a variety of security screen doors on the market, all designed to keep different types of critters out. However, after several years, it is time to replace the bug seal. Most companies use peel-and-stick foam tape to install their screen doors, but this material tends to dry out after a year. Instead, consider installing felt seals. These seals are more durable and usually last for several years. Listed below are a few factors to consider when choosing your security screen doors.

Mesh screens

Security Screen Doors and window mesh are woven stainless steel or perforated aluminium. Stainless steel mesh is produced by weaving longitudinal and transverse wires. Perforated aluminium is a sheet of aluminium with holes punched in it. Suppliers will have different specifications for each mesh, depending on aesthetics, visibility, and safety. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, a high-quality security screen door or window mesh will help prevent intrusions while maintaining visibility. 

Security Screen Doors AdelaideMost security screens use a riveted or screw-clamp fixing system, which increases the risk of galvanic corrosion. A more secure method uses the CommandeX fixing system, which features no mechanical fixtures and clarifies spacing between the mesh and the frame. The aluminium frame also resists UV rays and heat, while the mesh is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Mesh screens for security screen doors can be installed to any size opening.


Consider steel security screen doors if you want a more robust and more secure home. These doors are essentially regular steel doors with screens on the front. They function the same way as stable doors but with some added benefits. First of all, they are bulletproof. Because of their bulletproof nature, they are ideal for use on military bases and other safe places. Then, when you get one, you can quickly rekey it to match your entry key.


Security screen doors are one way to keep out intruders, but a metal door is better. There are several different types of aluminium doors available. Security screen doors are some of the best options, incorporating the latest in high-tensile strength materials. Others are woven from fine mesh to provide a safe level of protection while providing a clear view of the outdoors.

Perforated aluminium security screen doors are non-corrosive aluminium with a premium-grade powder coating. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. Perforations in the screen allow 60 per cent of available light to enter while allowing air to flow through the door or window. These screens can be mounted on windows, hinged, or sliding doors. These doors are also great for rooms with high humidity or where it is necessary to control the temperature.


A high-quality tube-frame security screen door offers a variety of benefits. The sturdy frame is made of 1″ x 3″ steel tubes and is powder-coated white or zinc primer. The custom-made design features hand-forged 1/2-inch solid steel inserts in the upper half of the frame and decorative cast aluminium “C” scrolls in the lower half. The door can be customised for any architectural style, including custom-sized windows and screens. See more here.

The frame is made of steel, aluminium, or a metal alloy. Steel security screen doors should not rust for about eight to ten years and should be repainted if necessary. However, metal alloy doors do not last as long and need wider frames. In addition, metal-framed security screen doors are more expensive than steel. Aluminium is a better choice than steel but will rust over time. If you decide to purchase a tube-frame security screen door, consider how much space it will take up in the frame.


Among the best-selling security screen doors, the Viewguard is one of the strongest options available. Featuring an extruded aluminium door panel and a three-sided perimeter surround, this product can be operated effortlessly and accommodate almost any door hardware type. Additionally, this product is compatible with keyless entry systems. You can choose between a single door and a French door configuration.

The durable materials of a security screen door make it a good choice for areas where there isn’t an appropriate overhang. In addition, it makes it ideal for cold, wet winter climates, where traditional steel security doors may rust. Unlike conventional steel security screens, the Security Screen Doors Adelaide is backed by a lifetime warranty against rust. Depending on the size of your screen door, you can choose a model that is tailored to fit your home’s interior or exterior. See more here.

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