The Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Program

Welcome to the Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Resources (RPTR) Program at West Virginia University! We are a recognized leader in training the future managers of recreation, park, and tourism areas and organizations in America and internationally. With a rich tradition of 56 years as an academic program at West Virginia University, we are proud of our contributions to enhancing the economic, community, and citizen welfare of West Virginia and beyond.

We invite you to learn more about our nationally accredited Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Ph.D. academic programs as well as our community outreach projects that are contributing to the “new” economy and enhancing the quality of life of communities in the Central Appalachian region.

We are also proud of our vigorous research programs that are bringing new technologies and decision-making tools to recreation, park, and tourism managers.

The mountains, forests, and streams of the Central Appalachian highlands provide a rich living laboratory for our teaching, service, and research programs. Students live and learn in Morgantown, a vibrant community of 45,000 in the Appalachian Mountains on West Virginia’s northern border adjacent to Pennsylvania. Morgantown is rated third among best cities in which to live in the eastern region of the U.S. in The Rating Guide to Life in America’s Small Cities , 1995 edition.